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230-300L PE Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine



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230-300L PE Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine

The 230L-300L drums, tool boxes and auto parts series consists of ZQB250A and ZQB250B etc., which can be used for producing drums, tool boxes and hollow parts of all kinds. Materials of PE, PP can be used. Maximum capacity of accumulator head can be 12L while volume of products can be 300L. Its control system adopts closed loop control imported from Europe and hydraulic system is pressure-flow double proportional control equipped with variable plunger pump to ensure fast and smooth operation of the machine and energy consumption of the hydraulic system can be reduced by 30% or above, saving considerable electricity. Specification 銆? ZQB-250A ZQB-250B Material 銆? PE銆丳P鈥? PE銆丳P鈥? Max.container capacity L 230 300 Number of die set 1 1 Output pcs/hr 260 260 Machine Dimension m 7.6脳3.0脳5.2 7.8脳3.2脳5.5 Total weight ton 36 40 Accumulator head 銆? ZQB-250A ZQB-250B Accumulator capacity L 22 22 Power of die heating KW 46 46 Number of heating zone zone 5 5 Die diameter mm 600 600 Injection pressure Mpa 8 8 Max.injection speed Kg/sec 2 2 Clamping Unit 銆? ZQB-250A ZQB-250B Clamping force KN 760 880 Platen opening stroke mm 700-1800 700-1850 Platen size mm 1300脳1620 1360脳1900 Max mould size mm 1200脳1700 1260脳1980 Mould thickness mm 250 250 Extruder Unit 銆? ZQB-250A ZQB-250B Screw diameter mm 120 120 Screw L/D ratio L/D 30:1-32:1 30:1-32:1 Extruding Volume Kg/hr 300 300-400 Screw rotation rate r/min 6-56 10-86 Extruder heating power KW 36 36 Extruder driving power KW 132 90-132 Power consumption 銆? ZQB-250A ZQB-250B Driving power KW 202 180-202 Heating power KW 98 98
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