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15-Liter Liquid Nitrogen Tank



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15-Liter Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Tianchi liquid nitrogen container has good insulation, durable aluminum alloy, and good liquid nitrogen retention time. The container can store long biological specimens, preserve animals, semen, and biomedical vaccines. With 6 filter tanks for biological sample storage, suitable for liquid Storage and transportation of nitrogen.

Liquid nitrogen tank features

Material: Made of aluminum alloy, it is durable.

Insulation: Cover the vacuum membrane to maintain low temperature function.

Vacuum design: There is a high vacuum between the outer casing and the inner casing.

High vacuum: equipped with a gas adsorbent to adsorb other gases, metals, and maintain a high vacuum environment.

Plug: non-toxic, good insulation, reducing the evaporation of liquid nitrogen.

6 lifting cylinder: can be placed in the tank to store samples, easy to carry.

More than 5 years of vacuum.

Handle: It is more convenient to carry and move.

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