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SJ-FS5.5 Series Flat Yarn Extrusion



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SJ-FS5.5 Series Flat Yarn Extrusion

The machine uses the polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE) material to make tape (flat yarn) through production procedures of material heating & extruding, splitting the film into tapes, the tapes stretching & forming, tapes winding on the bobbins by winding machine, then put the bobbins with tapes on circular loom for weaving. Through our many times improving, the machine can be fit for all kinds material, such as 100% recycled PP & PE, powder or grain PP & PE, to produce the tapes. The screw and barrel of extruder are made of high quality 38CrMoAlA allay steel, the hardness is over HV950 after nitrogenizing treatment. The gears & chain wheels are made of 45# medium carbon steel and done the treatment of high frequency quench. The driving rollers are electroplated with hard Cr, tension self-controlling of winding-rollers are applied to the driving unit. The barrel of extruder, bullhead tee and die adopt cast aluminum heater which is endurable. It has the performance of easy operation & maintenance, reliable quality & running and long usage life. Parent No.: ZL99219359.1ZL99242134.9ZL00202490.XZL01208472.7
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