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Multi-head cnc router(JCUT-8090B-2)



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Multi-head cnc router(JCUT-8090B-2)

1) Machine body: whole cast iron 2) Guideway:XYZ axis use linear guideway 3) D riving mode :ball screw 4 ) Work dimensions: (4 00 mm+400mm) x 9 00 mm x 80mm ( 5 ) Body dimensions: 11 00 mm x 12 00 mm x 1,500mm (with bracket) 6 ) Z-axis working area: 80mm (or 150mm) 7 ) Max. Feeding height: 10 0mm or bigger 8 ) Cut thickness of material: ? 40mm 9 ) Max. Speed: 8 ,000mm/min 10 ) Working speed: 0 - 6 ,000mm/min 11 ) Mechanical precision: 0.01mm 1 2 ) Software: type 3 software, Artcut software, Artcam software 1 3 ) Max. Power consumption: 1.8kW 1 4 ) Power source: AC 220/50 /60 Hz (or 110v/60HZ) 1 5 ) Driver type: stepper motor (XYZ-85BYG motor) 1 6 ) Memory: without or (DSP) 1 7 ) Spindle: 1.5kW ( ? 80mm) variable speed, water cooled motor ( 2.2kW or bigger 1 8 ) Spindle speed: 0 - 24,000rpm /min 1 9 ) Blade diameter: ? 3.175mm, 4mm, 6mm ( or 8mm,10mm,12mm, 12.7mm ) 20 ) Control system: (NCSTUDIO) or DSP (USB interface) 21 ) Command: G code, u00, mmg, plt 2 2 ) Running circumstance temperature: 0 - 45 ?C 2 3 ) Relative humidity: 30% - 75% Packing: Pack dimensions: 130 0 x 15 00 x 1,600mm Net weight: 40 0kg (with bracket) Gross weight: 50 0kg Applications: Can be used on advertisement engraving, advertisement cutting, stone processing cutting, Cu and Al molding cutting, mold manufacturing cutting, wood processing cutting, wood door manufacturing cutting, craft manufacturing cutting, light box cutting, buildingmold cutting, indoor decoration cutting, wave board processing cutting, light equipment mold processing cutting, sign and mark manufacturing cutting,Acryl board processing cutting, stamp cutting
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