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Engineering material single-stage plastic modified granulator



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Engineering material single-stage plastic modified granulator

Apply to granular, powder and bulk water; slice the vents and other raw materials. Hour capacity from 30kg~550kg. Required raw materials and clean, not containing or containing less than water. The machines can meet the requirements for high mix, for precise temperature control. Including: new modification of material color mixing tablets pumping, tablets pumping, the factory produced water back to granulation, mixed grain plastic alloy, Canada (short) glass fiber material particle size, high and low concentration of color master-batch capsules, tablets pumping of calcium carbonate filling master-batch, plus mix of kaolin grain size. Raw material types including: ABS PS PC HIPS POM PMMA PA PBT PVB PE PP PET TPU TPR PU ... Feeding methods for measurement of inverter feeding, uniform material flow under control. And can produce grain blend powder (contains process colors) plastic. Mixing, when filling materials, hosts can install mixing barrel, combined with automatic screw feeding machine, automatic mixed feed. Dual-channel temperature, barrel cooling air ring, achieve accurate control of temperature, avoid partial color transparent material and color, color is not uniform, and so on. For the raw material and the specific requirements of customers, select single exhaust, dual exhaust, or strong vacuum line, can effectively avoid cellular plastic particles, bubbles, and not gloss and so on. Cutting machine all adopt the stainless steel and chrome plating process, pneumatic, imported materials tool, ensure that the cuts neatly, pellet. When the particles with high water requirements, optional closed-loop dual moisture absorption, dehydration rate can reach above 95%. Air conveying winding device and cutting machine for stainless steel outlet connection, automatic winding. Electric power from the 20kw~160kw, (power coefficient for 0.3~0.55). Total weight from 1T~5.5T. Place for line display. Ground level is usually the (1.2m~1.8m) * (7m~10m), small fixed number of operations 1/class. Fixed number of large plastic granulator action 1~2 people/ plastic granulator operation class.The machine factory,1:1 production by commissing.Customers factories required to prepare the corresponding main electricity,compressed air,cooling circulation water.
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