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PET Automatic Blow Molding Machine(ZQ-B)



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PET Automatic Blow Molding Machine(ZQ-B)

ZQ-B series full-automatic pet stretch blow molding machine is the most stable two-step automatic stretch blow moulding machine. It has one to two cavities and the maximum capacity of the products is 0.6L and 1.5L. It can blow bottles in shapes: carbonated, mineral, pesticide, cosmetics, wide-mouth, hot filling, and other packing containers, which is made of plastic of crystalline type, such as PET and PP etc. 1).High Automatization 2).High Intelligence:The machine can be controlled through touch screen and running status is shown on it. 3).High Quanlity:Steady infrared heating system blowing and highly precise blow-mould closing system ensure quality. 4).High Speed:1400BPH(1-cavity) 2000BPH(2-cavity). 5).No Contamination:Closed production zone, good self-lubrication system avoid contamination. 6).Low Cost:Low consumption of electricity, air and water. 7).High Transparency:Easy maintenance, absolute safely, visual inspection, low noise. Settings: a).PLC colour display: OMRON(JAPAN) b).Pneumatic parts:FESTO(GERMANY) c).Controller of preform transfer:Servo motor National(JAPAN) d).Other electric parts are all world-famous brand Features: A. Stable performance with advanced PLC. B. Conveying preforms automatically with conveyor. C. Strong penetrability and good and swift distribution of the heat by letting the bottles rotate by itself and revolute in the rails simultaneously in the infrared preheater. D. High adjustability to enable the preheater to preheat preforms in shapes by adjusting the light tube and the length of the reflecting board in the preheating area, and eternal temperature in the preheater with an automatic thermostatic apparatus. E. High safeties with security automatic-locking apparatus in each mechanical action, which will make the procedures turn into a state of safety in case of a breakdown in certain procedure. F. No contamination and low noise with the air cylinder to drive the action instead of the oil pump. G. Satisfaction with different atmospheric pressure for blowing and mechanical action by dividing the blowing and action into three parts in the air pressure diagram of the machine. H. Strong clamping force with high pressure and double crank links to lock the mold. I. Two ways of operating: automatic and manual. J. Safe, reliable, and unique design of the position of valve to make the air pressure diagram of the machine easier to understand. K. Low cost, high efficiency, easy operation, easy maintenance, etc, with automatic technological process. L. Contamination is avoided for the bottle body. M. Ideal effect of the chilling with the chilling system. N. Easy installation and starting O. Low rejection rate: less than 0.2 percent.
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